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Superior Soap Nuts

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100g Bag:

  • There are about 30-33 soapnuts in 100g
  • If you use a wash bag with 4-5 soapnuts and you use it 4 times you will be able to wash about 30 loads of laundry with this size.  (I have used a batch of soapnuts up to 7 times so this is a conservative figure) 
  • you can make 4-6 litres or quarts of soapnut liquid if you use 2T of liquid for a load of laundry this gives you about 160 washes     2T is what I use for a full load of laundry.  Not much?  Think about what would happen if you added 2T of garlic to your wash... 
  • you can make soapnut paste out of the used soapnuts 

500g Bag:

Our 500g bag will do approximately 200 loads of laundry in the shell form. There's plenty of Soapnuts in this bag to make liquid for laundry and household cleaning as well!

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