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Salus Youth Life Jacket

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The Salus Nimbus makes water play safer for children and more relaxing for adults. All PFD’s float but they can’t save lives if children won’t keep them on. Designed for comfort and soft to the touch, the Nimbus encourages children to wear it for hours at a time. Specially contoured to hug little bodies, children will get the best fit, mobility and safety at the water’s edge, while swimming, or boating.

  • The only Children's vest that offers Ensolite® soft foam and round edge design for exceptional comfort.
  • Added soft collar for comfort and neck support
  • Elasticized back for a proper fit.
  • Ensolite® soft foam and rounded edge design combine to make this PFD the most comfortable vest for children.
  • Quick drainage, superior drying and longer life provided by the bottom lining mesh.
  • Leg harness to help keep the vest in position and eliminate ride-up.
  • Available in Infant (20-30lbs), Child (30-60lbs) and Youth (60-90lbs) sizes

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