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Poopsy Daisy Diaper Disposal bag - Powder fresh scent

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Poopsy Daisy™ diaper disposal bags are custom designed for the purpose of single use baby diaper disposal. They are the perfect size, and pleasantly scented to neutralize stinky diapers and odours with a fresh baby powder scent!  

Convenient Dispensing box, with perforated tab opening. Contains 200 bags! Easy-tie handles make dirty diaper disposal a breeze!

Effectively contain germs and harmful bacteria, which can be a major health concern if diapers are not disposed of properly.

For public baby change areas such as your day care centre, mom and tots groups or doctor's office, the system includes a custom dispenser made of lightweight, transparent polycarbonate plastic, that can be easily mounted to any wall surface without hardware, or excessive damage to your decor. 

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