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Nature's Aid Moisturizing Skin Gel

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Our true natural moisturizing skin gel has the same healing and soothing benefits of our original skin gel. However, with a boost of hydration to moisturize your skin from head to toe. To achieve this goal, we blended our five core ingredients, aloe vera, witch hazel, vitamin e, rosemary and tea tree. But, in addition, we added two skin nourishing oil, argan and sweet almond. Accordingly, this multi-purpose gel is non-greasy and fast-absorbing, so you can use every day for skin care, beauty care, and first aid.

  • Multi-purpose skin gel that moisturizes and heals your skin.
  • This gel absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue, for an easy application.
  • Free from any artificial fragrance or dye
  • No parabens, sulfates, or any other harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin.
  • Only natural or naturally derived ingredient, responsibly sourced, and all non-GMO

A moisturizing gel, with endless skin benefits

Healthy skin is beautiful skin, For this reason, we’ve used skin nourishing oils and ingredients, rich in the antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs. As a result, our gel is an all in one skin care, beauty care, and first aid treatment, that soothes, heals, and gives your skin an all-natural glow. A must have beauty and skin care product around the house.

Natural Skin Care

allergic skin reactions  after shaving  after waxing blisters  chaffing  craddle cap  diaper rash  dry skin  eczema  itchy skin  psoriasis  chicken pox  cold sores  folliculitis  shingles  warts  and so much more

Natural Beauty Care

after sun hydration  age spots  brown spots  chapped lips  facial moisturizer  fine lines & wrinkles  improve skin tone  make-up base  non-greasy moisturizer  scars & stretch marks  and so much more

Natural First Aid

abrasions  bruises  burns (mild to moderate)  cuts & scrapes  fostbite  sunburn  aching feet & legs  contusions  inflammation muscle ache  and so much more

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