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Moby Fit Hybrid Carrier

Moby Fit Hybrid Carrier

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Our award-winning, new hybrid carrier combines the closeness of a wrap with the ease of a carrier for a convenient, approachable babywearing option. You simply put it on like a t-shirt and tug the fabric through the easy-adjust rings to get your perfect fit. Then, slip baby into the double layer of fabric and finish it up with the mandatory safety sash. Simple, secure, and super comfortable. 

This smart, one-size-fits-all design allows mom, dad, grandparents, and caregivers of all sizes to join in on carrying and keeping baby close. Newborns love the bond of the close snuggle, and the MOBY Fit will grow with them until they reach 30 pounds. As baby grows, you can use multiple carrying positions - the traditional front, inward facing carry for little tikes and a front, outward facing and side / hip carry for little ones with more head control. 

MOBY – Close Enough to Kiss

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