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Medela Harmony

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Medela has designed the first manual breastpump that allows mothers to pump comfortably and efficiently, because of it's 2-Phase Expression Technology.

  • Efficient: More milk in less time, thanks to our ?2-Phase Expression Technology
  • Individual: ideal for occasional manual pumping
  • Comfortable: the adjustable handle and manual operation enable comfortable pumping
  • Easy: simple to assemble, use and clean
  • Mobility: as a small lightweight breastpump, Harmony is the ideal manual breastpump for discreet pumping everywhere
  • Bridge the breastfeeding breaks with Harmony

Would you occasionally like to work out, go shopping or go out in the evening? Or do you have difficulties with flat or inverted nipples? With the manual breastpump Harmony by Medela, you can pump milk pleasantly and easily as required.?

Mothers profit from our research

Thanks to the 2-Phase Expression Technology, with the manual breastpump you can imitate the baby's natural sucking motion on the mother's breast. Pumping with the manual breastpump feels very comfortable - almost as if you were breastfeeding. The faster milk injection and maximum milk-flow significantly reduce the pumping time, enabling you to pump more milk in less time.?

2 million mothers are already convinced

Harmony by Medela has already convinced over two million mothers. In addition to the 2-Phase Expression, the manual breastpump also offers other advantages:

  • It is efficient, as the manual breastpump pumps more milk in a shorter period.
  • It is very pleasant due to the gentle pumping technique.
  • The application gives mothers safety and control.
  • The manual breastpump is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It is easy to handle and assemble, and comfortable to transport, leaving you independent and mobile.

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